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Yong Aun Tong-Compohealth Special Dealer 康宝特约代理

Compohealth Special Dealer 康宝特约代理

Yong Aun Tong 永安堂 (Tangkak, Johor)

Welcome to Compohealth Special Dealer Store 【Kedai Ubat Yong Aun Tong】in Tangkak, Johor! Mr.Teo is absolutely the fan of Compohealth products!

Tangkak 东甲之星, 张老板的30年老店 【Yong Aun Tong 永安堂】

Let's see what's Mr.Teo 's favorite, he strongly recommended 【Avocado Yogurt Nutri Mix】, which contains probiotics protect our stomach and digestive system, you can have it with your breakfast daily. Have you tried it? If you are not, make sure you visit to Kedai Ubat Yong Aun Tong and get one for yourself!


What else is Mr.Teo 's favourite? The hot sales items in Mr Teo's shop are:

  • Myco Mix Cereals > High fiber breakfast drink 
  • Millet Meal > High iron and calcium drink and improves blood circulation
  • Brazil Green Propolis > Improve immunity system and protect your from bacteria 

and MORE!


  • 高纤维呵护肠胃的【麦谷粮】
  • 滋补养血的【小米奶】
  • 提升免疫力,对抗病菌的【巴西绿蜂胶】系列 

Compohealth Special Dealer 康宝特约代理:

Kedai Ubat Yong Aun Tong 永安堂

Address: No:32, Jalan Hospital, Taman Tangkak Jaya, Tangkak, 84900 Tangkak, Johor.

Google map: https://bit.ly/3cAcF67


Working hours 营业时间:

Monday to Saturday (10am-6pm)

Sunday (10am-12pm)

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