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Q Organic Valley-Compohealth Special Dealer 康宝特约代理

Compohealth Special Dealer 康宝特约代理

Q Organic Valley 秋之谷有机店

(Batu Pahat, Johor)

Your first step to the healthy journey, starts from a cup of drink for your breakfast!


【Q Organic Valley 秋之谷有机店】

We aims to provide the best quality and service for our customers


【Q Organic Valley 秋之谷有机店】mainly promote organic food and beverages, including grain beverages, supplementary beverages, and even organic fruits and vegetables. It can be said to have everything. Their unchanging belief from beginning to end is to reduce chemical or foreign additives, recommend high-quality and organic food and drinks to customers, and move towards a healthier lifestyle. They started from scratch until they became an organic food specialty store.

【Q Organic Valley 秋之谷有机店】主要为推广有机食品和饮品,包括五谷粮饮品、辅助饮品、甚至提供有机蔬果等,可说是应有尽有。他们由始至终不变的信念就是,减少化学或外来添加物,给客户推荐品质优良和有机食品和饮品,迈向更健康的生活方式。他们从零开始,直到成为几乎家喻户晓的有机食品专卖店

【Q Organic Valley 秋之谷有机店】has been cooperating with [Compohealth] for about 10 years. with the recommendation by [Q Organic Valley Autumn Valley Organic Shop], the customers know and understand more about [Compohealth] products and its good benefits, which resulted their customers actively recommend it to their friends and relatives to share with them.

【Q Organic Valley 秋之谷有机店】与【Compohealth康宝】合作已有约10年之久。在【Q Organic Valley 秋之谷有机店】的推荐下,认识【Compohealth康宝】的客户群逐渐扩大,而且产品良好的效益更是让顾客也积极推荐给身边的亲朋好友一同共享

【Q Organic Valley 秋之谷有机店】has range of【Compohealth】products, such as the hot sales and best deal items 【Myco Mix Cereals】,【Millet Meal Youth Energy】,【Rice Bran Story Calcium Plus】and other 20+ products. Batu Pahat friends, if you want some organic drinks, just visit 【Q Organic Valley 秋之谷有机店】now!

【Q Organic Valley 秋之谷有机店】拥有的【Compohealth康宝】产品非常繁多,其中最推荐同时也是最热卖的包括了【麦谷粮】、【小米奶青春活力】和【米糠故事·健康钙源】,还有其他20余种的康宝产品呢!想寻找适合的康宝产品,找【Q Organic Valley 秋之谷有机店】就对了!

You are welcome to visit【Q Organic Valley 秋之谷有机店】, or have a call or whatsapp them.

【Q Organic Valley 秋之谷有机店】非常欢迎顾客来询问,不论是拨打热线、Whatsapp信息或登门造访都没问题!

Compohealth Special Dealer 康宝特约代理:

【Q Organic Valley 秋之谷有机店】


No: 4, Jalan Bintang Satu,

Taman Koperasi Bahagia,

83000 Batu Pahat, Johor

Google map: https://goo.gl/maps/zf4PFXDtE4cPXLND9

Phone no 拨打热线/ Whatsapp号码:012-7076108 / 012-6869772

Working hours 营业时间

Monday - Saturday (10am-7.30pm)

Sunday (10am-5pm)

Public Holidays (10am-5pm)

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