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1. I no longer can login via Facebook Messenger, how?

          •    Please download the new APP “Compohealth” and you can view the member status and details in the APP

2. why I can’t login to website www.compo2u.com?

         •    As the new APP is launched, all purchasing will be done in the APP, the official website no longer available for customer purchase, only for viewing product details

3. Is existing member data remains in new APP?

         •    If you are existing active member, your details will still remain in the APP. If you are inactive for more than 12 months, your status will be deactivated, thus, you need to register again.

4. Existing member still need to verify phone number?

        •    For all first login to the APP required to do the phone number verification step in order to confirm and protect customers’ identity. 

5. Is previous voucher move to New APP?

        • No vouchers will be moved to new APP, as the new App will reward all new and existing member with another RM10 welcome vouchers, it can be used to purchase in APP or purchase in dealers’ stores.

6. Will existing member points move to new APP?

         •    If you are active member, your status and member points will be moved to the new APP.

7. Can I get RM10 welcome voucher in new APP?

         • The new APP will reward a RM10 welcome voucher for every new or existing member.

8. Can all vouchers use in dealer shop?

        •    Only welcome voucher is allowed to use in dealer shop, other E-vouchers are only for online purchase used.

9. How long is the delivery time?

          •    For Peninsular Malaysia usually takes 5-7 working days, Sabah and Sarawak takes 10-14 working days, while overseas will depends on the location and distance. Please expect longer delivery time during public holidays or special promotion period.

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